In growing battle with TikTok, Facebook to test ‘Facebook Reels’

Reels are coming to Facebook. The popular short-form video format (15-60 seconds) is doing very well on Instagram, so it was only a matter of time before the feature came to Facebook… just as the company did with Stories. Facebook has been testing Reels on the platform in Canada, Mexico, and India. Now, the feature is rolling out in the US.
Facebook (Reels in Groups)

Facebook (Reels in Groups)

● Reels can be viewed and created in News Feed and Groups.
● Instagram users will be able to cross-post their Reels to Facebook.
● Some Instagram creators will have the option to have their Instagram Reels shown as recommended content on Facebook.
● You can browse Reels created by others in the Facebook News Feed and in select FB Groups and Pages — where you can like, comment on or share them, just as you could with any other type of post.
● Reels will also be surfaced in search results.
Facebook (sharing Instagram Reels to Facebook opt-in flow)

Facebook (sharing Instagram Reels to Facebook opt-in flow)

Sigh. Now it’s the TikTok-ification of Facebook. Isn’t it wild that the way to ‘beat’ the competition is just to blatantly and aggressively copy every feature? I swear, some folks on FB are only *barely* just getting used to Stories over here. Lol.
But, Mark Zuckerberg said the other week that “REELS is the largest contributor to engagement growth on Instagram.” [Of course, it is; Instagram is dialing up the organic reach like crazy. Anything to try and beat TikTok – the “most formidable competitor” FB/IG has seen, says Adam Mosseri, head of IG. ]
Also, Zuck said that VIDEO now accounts for almost HALF of all time spent on Facebook. There’s definitely a growing interest among users for watching *entertaining* short-form videos (a la TikTok!), which is why Reels is rolling out to Facebook. It’s also another place to put ads.
What do you think? Will you create Reels on Facebook instead or as well as Instagram? Or not?